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R&R Cultivation is excited to offer at-home mushroom grow kits perfect for mushroom lovers who want to try their hand at growing gourmet, organic mushrooms in their own home!

Our grow kits feature the same great mushrooms we sell at Twin Cities farmer’s markets, grocery stores, and co-ops. You can choose between several varieties: brightly colored Oysters, visually unique Lion’s Mane, and versatile Shiitakes. Your mushroom kit will be inoculated with the spores of your choosing and ready to start fruiting as soon as you get it home!

Pre-colonized grow kits are an inexpensive investment and require very little maintenance while producing pounds of mushrooms. Activate your kit by exposing it to the air and watch the tiny mushroom “pins” start to emerge! In a few short weeks, you’ll have your first harvest of delicious, homegrown mushrooms. 

At-Home Mushroom Grow Kit Fruiting Time

  • Oysters: 2 weeks, then more fruitings every 2 weeks after that
  • Pink Oysters:  2 weeks, then more fruitings every 2 weeks after that
  • Golden Oysters:  2 weeks, then more fruitings every 2 weeks after that
  • Lion's Mane:  3 weeks, then more fruitings every 3 weeks after that
  • Shiitake: 2 weeks, then more fruiting 2 weeks after that

FAQs About R&R Cultivation’s Mushroom Kits

What's the fruiting time for each of these species?

Generally, it will take about two to three weeks for your mushrooms to grow. This depends on the species: 

  • Oyster Varieties – Two weeks to harvest, with subsequent fruitings every two weeks
  • Lion's Mane – Three weeks to harvest, with subsequent fruitings every three weeks
  • Shiitake – Two weeks to harvest. For subsequent fruitings, the block must be completely dried out before soaking in water for 24 hours. You can expect another harvest after two weeks. 

How many mushrooms will the kit yield?

This will depend on the species you choose. In most cases, you should be able to get three to four pounds of mushrooms per kit.

Can I harvest more than once? 

Yes, you can! You'll get subsequent fruitings after your initial harvest, but the quantity of mushrooms you harvest will likely diminish each time.

Are the mushroom kits easy to maintain?

Absolutely! The process of growing mushrooms at home couldn’t be easier when you use one of R&R Cultivation’s At-Home Mushroom Grow Kit. In fact, it’s a completely hands-off process; just sit back and watch your mushrooms grow!


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