Gourmet Mushroom Mix - R&R Cultivation
Gourmet Mushroom Mix - R&R Cultivation
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Gourmet Mushroom Mix

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Can’t choose just one variety of mushroom? Have a number of these beautiful and nutritious delicacies delivered as a gift for yourself or the mushroom lover in your life! 

Each mixed gourmet mushroom mix will guarantee at least 3 different species of mushrooms and up to 6 depending on current availability. We send you the freshest, most delicious mushrooms we have accessible whenever you’re due for a delivery. Whether you receive the versatile Oyster mushroom, the tried-and-true Shiitake, or the beautiful Lion’s Mane, your Gourmet Mushroom CSA will add intrigue and excitement to your daily meals. 

Our gourmet mushrooms can be added to main courses, served as sides to meat or fish dishes, and even eaten as a snack. The quality of these locally grown small batch mushrooms is leaps and bounds above commercially produced button mushrooms from the grocery store, both in flavor and in nutritional value. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, cooking Sunday dinner for the family, or planning a romantic candlelight meal, R&R Cultivation’s mushrooms should have a place on your table.

Food with a Purpose

Food with a Purpose

The R&R Cultivation team is dedicated to working toward a culture that cares where its food comes from. As a society, we have become increasingly distanced from the production our food. Along the way we’ve sacrificed nutrition, local economic support, and a sense of connectedness. Your ongoing support of R&R Cultivation’s New Hope, Minnesota-based urban farmers will allow us to continue bringing locally grown, organically cultivated products to your neighborhood grocery stores and farmers’ markets. This in turn bolsters the local economy and keeps our community connected. 


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Subscribe to our Gourmet Mushroom CSA and save 20%! Customize your CSA with your preferred delivery frequency and mushroom quantity. Each contact-free delivery will contain 3-6 species depending on current availability. Our mushroom CSA makes a wonderful gift!

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