Wholesale Mushrooms for Grocers

Wholesale Gourmet Mushrooms for Grocers in MN, WI, IA, and IL

R&R Cultivation is proud to partner with local grocery store chains, co-ops, and smaller markets to offer our gourmet mushrooms. You may have heard about our partnerships with Lunds & Byerlys and Hy-Vee, but there are many other places where customers can find R&R Cultivation on the shelf! Customers love our mushrooms and will go out of their way to shop at our partner stores. Your grocery store can experience the same benefits by offering healthy, sustainable, and organic gourmet mushrooms to your customers. 

Carry Our Line of Minnesota-Grown, Gourmet Mushrooms!

Join grocery stores and co-ops throughout the Midwest whose shelves are already stocked with R&R Cultivation’s line of organic, gourmet mushrooms. Our current Wholesale Grocery Partners in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois include:

  • Coastal Seafoods
  • Lakewinds Co-op
  • Valley Natural Foods
  • Fresh and Natural Foods
  • Seward Community Co-op
  • Mississippi Market
  • Endless Benefits for Local Grocers and Grocery Chains

    Grocers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois who carry R&R Cultivation’s mushrooms see firsthand just how much customers love trying new, elevated ingredients. Many shoppers have never been exposed to gourmet mushrooms and are initially drawn to our products because of their novelty. Customers are eager to try several varieties of gourmet mushrooms to compare the different flavors and pick their favorites.

    When home cooks decide to kick their recipes up a notch, our mushrooms fly off the shelves. Many intermediate and advanced recipes forgo widely-available button mushrooms in favor of shiitakes, oyster mushrooms, lion’s mane, and other highly Instagrammable ‘shrooms. These recipes will keep customers coming back to your store for more gourmet mushrooms!

    Although gourmet mushrooms are becoming more widely available because of companies like ours, customers in certain areas may still have limited options when they are in need of mushrooms in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and the Chicago area. By offering R&R’s Cultivation’s mushrooms, you’ll be getting these customers in the door for their weekly shopping trip! These customers likely appreciate other gourmet ingredients and are willing to spend more on the highest-quality foods. 

    Wholesale Mushrooms for Grocers

    Contact Our Wholesale Team

    Are you interested in learning more about R&R Cultivation’s wholesale offerings for grocery stores in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois? We’d love to chat about our products and learn more about what you’re looking for. Call (612) 999-3375 and we’ll help you find the perfect mushrooms for your produce section!

    Contact R&R Cultivation

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    R&R Cultivation
    4730 Quebec Avenue North
    New Hope, Minnesota 55428
    United States


    (612) 295-1642

    Open Monday-Friday from 10:00AM to 4:00PM

    Interested in Wholesale?

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    We'd love to chat. Contact Nick Robinson to discuss wholesale mushroom sales! Learn more about our wholesale business.

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