Wholesale Mushrooms for Food Distributors

Fresh, Organic Produce for Minnesota and Midwest Food Distributors

Restaurants, food trucks, entertainment venues, healthcare facilities, and schools all rely on your food distribution company’s produce to cook up delicious meals for their patrons. When you are committed to offering your customers the highest-quality, freshest ingredients, it pays to work with a local Minnesota company dedicated to producing just that. 

R&R Cultivation is an urban mushroom farm located in New Hope, MN. We grow organic, gourmet mushrooms for food distributors in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Chicago area. Whether your customers are looking for some of the better-known gourmet mushrooms, like oysters, or harder-to-find varieties, we’ll come through! And since we grow our produce indoors, any time is the optimal time for sourcing our products. That means you’re always receiving produce at its peak freshness.

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  • Lakewinds Co-op
  • Valley Natural Foods
  • Fresh and Natural Foods
  • Seward Community Co-op
  • Mississippi Market
  • Wholesale Mushrooms for Food Distributors

    Gourmet Mushrooms for Your Restaurant Customers

    Diners are being exposed to more unique flavors than ever. Many restaurants are trending toward more gourmet, farm to table dishes so they can keep up with diners’ expanding palates. Offering gourmet mushrooms to your customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois is a great way to stay on-trend and get customers to try new products. Your customers can create great tasting meals for their patrons using mushrooms produced in their region – a huge selling point for many upscale restaurants.

    Sustainable, Quality Produce 

    We’re seeing a huge shift toward sustainable farming and transportation. Many of your customers want to know that food distributors are doing their part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and consider climate change. When your company chooses R&R Cultivation’s regionally-grown mushrooms, you can decrease your transportation costs – both financially and environmentally. 

    A farm to table approach also appeals to many customers because local produce retains more nutrients and flavor than foods shipped over long distances. Your customers and their patrons will feel good about supporting a local Midwest farm. Additionally, R&R Cultivation’s ethical business model lets companies know that we care about our employees and the community. Relationship building is important to us; we’ll work to maintain a great relationship with your company and will happily provide information about our urban farm that you can pass along to your customers. 

    Partner with R&R Cultivation – Wholesale Mushrooms for MN, WI, IA, and IL Food Distributors 

    If you’re interested in making R&R Cultivation a mushroom supplier for your food distribution company in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, or Illinois, let’s get on a call to discuss how to make it happen! You can reach us at (612) 295-1642.

    Contact R&R Cultivation

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    R&R Cultivation
    4730 Quebec Avenue North
    New Hope, Minnesota 55428
    United States


    (612) 295-1642

    Open Monday-Friday from 10:00AM to 4:00PM

    Interested in Wholesale?

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    We'd love to chat. Contact Nick Robinson to discuss wholesale mushroom sales! Learn more about our wholesale business.

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