Wholesale Mushrooms for Restaurants in Chicago, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa

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Chicago, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa Mushroom Farm

Many restaurant chefs in Wisconsin and Minnesota enjoy cooking with flavor-packed mushrooms like Maitake, Beech mushrooms, and Oysters of all shapes and colors. But not all of these mushroom varieties are found in local forests, and none can be foraged year-round. What’s a fungi-loving restaurateur to do?

We love working with local restaurant owners and food trucks in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Chicago area to provide fresh, cost-effective, gourmet mushrooms. Curious about our wholesale pricing? Call Nick Robinson at: (612) 999-3375. From plain Button Mushrooms to Golden Oysters and Maitake, you can rely on us as your restaurant’s mushroom provider.

Mushroom Growers in Chicago, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa

R&R Cultivation is proud to supply our Minnesota grown mushrooms to restaurants throughout the Midwest. From gourmet Maitake and Lion's Mane to White Buttons and Crimini- we've got you covered! Take advantage of our wholesale restaurant pricing and enrich your seasonal dishes with some local flavor. Our gourmet mushrooms are grown right here at our urban farm facility in New Hope, MN!

Request a Sample Box of Our Wholesale Mushrooms!

Email Nick Robinson at Nick@rrcultivation.com to receive a complimentary sample box with as many Minnesota mushrooms varieties as you'd like to try! 

Currently, we’re offering 16 different varieties of mushrooms:

  • Golden Oyster
  • King Trumpet
  • Lion's Mane 
  • Maitake
  • Oyster
  • Pink Oyster
  • Pioppino
  • Portabella Caps
  • Shiitake
  • White Beech
  • White Button
  • Looking for a Minnesota Mushroom Medley?

    We offer a convenient, delicious mushroom mix to simplify your life and reduce your prep time. Each delivery will consist of at least 3 different species of gourmet, organic Minnesota mushrooms. We also offer free delivery to restaurants in the Twin Cities metro area! Our mushrooms compliment any entrée and make a delicious side dish.Wholesale Mushrooms for Minnesota Restaurants

    Whether you need gourmet mushrooms or standard button mushrooms, call us.

    When you choose to buy from R&R Cultivation, you can count on consistent deliveries, superb quality, and delicious flavor. As an indoor farm, we’re able to offer locally-grown mushrooms year-round. From the meaty texture of Lion’s Mane to the nutty delight of Golden Oysters, our gourmet mushrooms are extremely versatile. Each species has a unique texture, flavor, and nutritional profile, which is why Minnesota high-end restaurants and chefs throughout the Midwest love our mushrooms.

    Restaurants Using Our Mushrooms

    You can find our mushrooms at a growing number of Twin Cities gastropubs and restaurants, including:

  • Emerald Lounge
  • Farmer's Kitchen and Bar
  • Fhima's
  • Hark! Cafe
  • J Selby's
  • Joey Meatballs
  • The Kenwood
  • Owamni
  • Rapids Brewing
  • ROK Eatery
  • Root to Rise
  • The Sample Room
  • Gourmet Minnesota Mushrooms

    Interested in Wholesale Mushrooms for Your Restaurant?

    Our competitive wholesale pricing was established for restaurants like yours! If you’re interested in receiving a sample kit or placing an order for our gourmet mushrooms, please contact us online or call R&R Cultivation’s founder, Nick Robinson, at (612) 999-3375.

    Local Mushrooms for Restaurants in Chicago, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa

    R&R Cultivation loves working with local restaurant owners and chefs to provide fresh, cost-effective, gourmet mushrooms. Our company produces organic mushrooms year-round in our indoor facility. Currently, we offer a whopping 16 varieties of mushrooms to our wholesale customers. While we love to grow harder-to-find varieties like Lion’s Mane and King Trumpet, we also produce high-quality customer favorites like Shiitakes and even White Button mushrooms. 

    If you have your eye on a certain mushroom variety, we’re happy to get you set up for regular deliveries. If you would prefer to cook with a variety of mushrooms, we offer a convenient, delicious mushroom mix to simplify your ordering. Each of these deliveries consists of at least 3 different species of gourmet Minnesota mushrooms.

    Contact R&R Cultivation

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    R&R Cultivation
    4730 Quebec Avenue North
    New Hope, Minnesota 55428
    United States


    (612) 295-1642

    Open Monday-Friday from 10:00AM to 4:00PM

    Interested in Wholesale?

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    We'd love to chat. Contact Nick Robinson to discuss wholesale mushroom sales! Learn more about our wholesale business.

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