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A mushroom farm share is a great way to support local farmers while receiving a regular delivery of fresh, gourmet mushrooms. R&R Cultivation’s mushroom CSA program offers weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliveries of mushrooms to homes in the Twin Cities area. 

Your mushroom shares will be full of variety; you can expect at least three different mushroom species in each delivery. Plan your weekly meals around your mushroom share, or add them to dinner on a whim. There’s no wrong way to use your mushroom CSA!

What is a CSA with Mushroom Shares?

In Minnesota, CSAs with mushroom shares can be hard to come by. Mushrooms aren’t grown in a field like other produce, and many farms aren’t equipped to offer a mushroom CSA program. Since we focus solely on gourmet mushrooms, R&R Cultivation is in the perfect position to offer a “mushroom only” CSA subscription to customers in the Twin Cities. 

CSAs for mushroom shares must have a large indoor grow space available. This is because, in order for mushrooms to grow properly, the growing environment must be carefully controlled. By supporting our mushroom CSA program, you help R&R Cultivation purchase and maintain the lighting, ventilation, and humidity components we need to produce high quality, organic mushrooms

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Our mushroom farm share is completely customizable, with multiple sizes and delivery schedules available. Our mushroom shares are perfect for single home cooks, couples, and families of any size. They also make a great gift for the gourmet foodie in your life. You can modify or cancel your subscription at any time, but you’ll want to stick around once you taste your first delivery of fresh and delicious mushrooms!

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Mushroom CSA FAQs

What is mushroom community-supported agriculture (CSA)?

Community supported agriculture is a program where consumers can purchase a share of a farm’s produce in advance. When customers pay for the produce upfront, the farm can use that money to purchase the seeds/spores, growing medium, and equipment needed to produce a high quality product. The customer then receives a share of the produce on a regular schedule, often weekly or monthly.

Why should I join the R&R cultivation mushroom CSA program?

Your support of our mushroom CSA program allows us to maintain our local grow room and expand our mushroom offerings. In return, you’ll receive high quality, organic, gourmet mushrooms delivered right to your door.

What can I expect in my share?

You can choose to have your share delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You’ll receive a variety of mushrooms (at least three different types in each delivery). You can also select the volume of your share; we offer one pound, one and a half pound, and two pound boxes.

How do I receive my produce? When is it available?

We deliver our CSAs to homes in the Twin Cities based on the schedule you’ve chosen. Your mushrooms will be delivered automatically, but you’re free to modify or cancel your subscription at any time.

What happens if I need to miss a week or if I go on vacation?

We can easily pause your delivery for a week or longer. Contact our team to let us know which deliveries you’d like to skip. 

Do I need to be home for the delivery?

You don’t need to be home to accept your gourmet mushroom delivery, but please keep in mind that your mushrooms will need to be refrigerated after they are delivered for peak freshness. You’ll receive a text message and a photo of your delivery when it arrives so you can get it in the fridge promptly. 

How do I pay for my share?

You can purchase your CSA share in our online store. After your initial purchase, your subscription will auto-renew. Your credit or debit card will be charged after each shipment.  

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