Mushrooms on Demand

Mushrooms on Demand

Discover R&R Cultivation's Wholesale Mushroom Program - Mushrooms on Demand, your trusted source for the freshest mushrooms and top-tier mushroom cultivation products. Catering to mushroom farms and businesses across the country, our program is designed to boost your supply with the finest fresh mushrooms and provide comprehensive cultivation solutions.

Why Our Fresh Mushrooms Are the Best Choice

  • Peak Freshness Guaranteed: Our fresh mushrooms are harvested at the perfect time, ensuring the highest quality and taste.
  • Diverse Mushroom Selection: Offering a wide array of fresh mushrooms, from popular varieties to exotic types, to cater to all culinary needs.
  • Advanced Shipping for Freshness: We use programs designed for fresh produce within Delta and Southwest Cargo for fast, reliable delivery, ensuring that our fresh mushrooms maintain their quality during transit. Turn around times as fast as 2-day. 

Expand Your Mushroom Offerings

  • Cultivation Products: Enhance your mushroom farm with our sterilized grain, substrate, grain spawn, grow kits, and fruiting blocks.
  • Grow Kits for Every Skill Level: Whether retail kits for novice growers or commercial fruiting blocks for seasoned cultivators, our living products make cultivating fresh mushrooms easy and efficient.
  • High-Quality Substrates: Our sterilized substrates are the ideal base for growing quality mushrooms, and sterilized in our 40ft commercial autoclave ensuring a bountiful harvest with minimal contamination.
  • Competitive Pricing: All of our products are sold at a price point that even smaller farms and grow-ops can afford. 

Partner with R&R Cultivation

  • Boost Your Mushroom Supply: Augment your inventory with our fresh mushrooms and leverage our cultivation products to diversify your offerings.
  • Unwavering Quality and Support: Rely on R&R Cultivation for consistent quality in fresh mushroom supply and cultivation support.

How It Works

  1. Contact Us: To discuss your needs for fresh mushrooms and cultivation products with us, simply send an email to:
  2. Tailored Solutions: We offer customized solutions, catering to the unique demands of your mushroom business.
  3. Efficient Distribution: Our partnership with Southwest Cargo guarantees that you receive our fresh mushrooms and products promptly and in excellent condition.

Join Our Network

Elevate your mushroom business with R&R Cultivation's Mushrooms on Demand program. For pricing on fresh mushrooms, cultivation products, and more information, please contact us at
Together, let's grow success in the world of mushrooms!
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