R&R Cultivation is on Native Land

The Importance of Minnesota’s Pre-Colonial History

R&R Cultivation would like to express our appreciation and respect toward indigenous cultures who have shared their knowledge of the land with European colonizers over the past 500+ years. These cultures have been using North and South America’s wild mushrooms as food and medicine for centuries, and in some cases, millenia. It is because of their extensive knowledge of wild and forageable foods and their environmental stewardship that we are now able to offer farm-grown, organic mushrooms that were once only found in nature. 

Our recent move from Roseville to New Hope prompted the R&R Cultivation team to draft an official land acknowledgement statement to give thanks to the people who inhabited this area prior to white colonization.  

Our Land Acknowledgement Statement

It is important to acknowledge the rich history of the land we currently occupy in New Hope, Minnesota:

"R&R Cultivation is located in Mni Sota Makoce, currently known as Minnesota, homelands of the Dakhóta, Ho Chunk, and then the Anishinaabe people. This statement is to practice making visible the continued stewardship the Dakhóta, Ho Chunk, and Anishinaabe people are always offering to land. We offer gratitude to these land stewards."

R&R Cultivation is committed to amplifying Indigenous voices and working to undo the harmful effects of colonization. 

Partnering with Indigenous Restaurants

We are proud to have been chosen to supply gourmet mushrooms to many restaurants in the Twin Cities and throughout the country. One Indigenous restaurant, Owamni, is using R&R Cultivation’s mushrooms to offer Minnesotans a taste of Indigenous cuisine and culture. Owamni has removed colonial ingredients such as wheat flour, cane sugar and dairy from their dishes to present a decolonized dining experience. We’re happy to see representation of Indigenous voices and culture in our community, and we encourage you to give Owamni a try. It may come as no surprise that we recommend the Grilled Forest Mushroom Tacos! Just this past month, Owamni won Best New Restaurant at the prestigious James Beard Awards. 

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