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R&R Partners: Where to Find Our Mushrooms

R&R Partners: Where to Find Our Mushrooms

R&R Cultivation is proud to partner with local grocery store chains, co-ops, and smaller markets to offer our gourmet mushrooms. You may have heard about our partnerships with Lunds & Byerlys and Hy-Vee, but there are many other places where you can find R&R Cultivation on the shelf! Here are four markets and co-ops you can visit to find our gourmet, organic mushrooms. 

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Coastal Seafoods

Coastal Seafoods has two locations, one in each of the Twin Cities. The newly remodeled Minneapolis location is spacious and comprehensive; while you’re picking up our mushrooms as an appetizer, peruse Coastal Seafoods’ cases to find some of the city’s freshest fish and seafood, in addition to other meats, cheeses, and sides for your seafood dinner. Coastal Seafoods offers daily specials every Monday-Friday, including 20% off for educators, students, and healthcare workers each Friday. 

Lakewinds Co-Op

Lakewinds Co-op has three locations in Minnetonka, Chanhassen, and Richfield. This co-op aims to support a healthy local food system. Lakewinds takes special interest in their partner farms’ responsible farming practices, from regenerative agriculture to rotational grazing to organic certification. Lakewinds Co-op has high standards, so its members and anyone who shops there can feel confident that they’re purchasing high quality, locally produced foods. 

MinnyRow Market

MinnyRow Market is located in Hopkins. This “ethically sourced, community-minded” market strives to help its patrons make small changes that will lead to a big impact. By changing just a small part of our food consumption, MinnyRow Market believes we can have a large impact on the community. They make it easy to support local farmers and producers by only sourcing the most ethical products. Their deli also uses only the best local ingredients to create high quality sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and more.

Valley Natural Foods

Located in Burnsville, Valley Natural Foods is a co-op that aims to support health and well-being through education and expertise in local, sustainable food and wellness. Valley Natural Food’s ethical values include open and voluntary membership, democratic member control, cooperation among cooperatives, and concern for the community. Its over 12,000 members appreciate the measures the co-op takes to provide truly local produce and products, including R&R Cultivation’s gourmet mushrooms!

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