Summer Farmers Markets Have Arrived!

We’re in the midst of prime farmers market season in the Twin Cities, which means tons of local fresh produce is right at our fingertips! At R&R Cultivation we love selling our gourmet, organic mushrooms at the Twin Cities’ many farmers markets. There’s something special about spending a beautiful summer day strolling around a market and experiencing all the local vendors have to offer. After all, where else can you pick up some gourmet mushrooms for dinner, a fresh bouquet of flowers, and a plate of food truck cheese curds all at once?

The Benefits of the Farmers’ Market

When you visit R&R Cultivation at one of the Twin Cities’ many farmers markets, you’ll be able to connect with community members who work for a local business while completing an essential weekly task. Regardless of who is representing R&R Cultivation at the market that day, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our mushrooms and how they’re grown. We’re proud of our local grow rooms in New Hope, Minnesota, and we enjoy talking about the hard work and care that goes into each batch of gourmet mushrooms we produce. When you choose to get some fresh air and do your shopping at a market, you’ll build connections with the employees of local businesses and do your part to stimulate the Minnesota economy.

Why Small Businesses Love Farmers Markets

Local markets aren’t just great for customers and the community. They help small businesses succeed, too! When we sell at farmers markets, our customers come to us. This cuts down on transportation costs we’d have to cover if we chose to sell our produce at national chains. In turn, it allows us to offer our gourmet organic mushrooms at a competitive price. Customers can afford to keep coming back to buy our mushrooms week after week! 

When a small business displays their goods at a farmers market, it strengthens community bonds. Our booths allow the R&R team to speak to our customers face to face and explain why we’re passionate about our products. We can also educate mushroom lovers about varieties that might be new to them. There are a number of farmers markets all over the Twin Cities, so we can bring our products to new customers almost every day of the week. 

Learn More About R&R Cultivation’s Gourmet, Organic Mushrooms

How to Find R&R Cultivation’s Mushrooms at Local Markets

Farmers markets are a win-win for small businesses and their customers. If you’re interested in connecting with R&R Cultivation and other small business owners, stop by a market to say hello and pick up some fresh, locally grown produce.

We sell our mushrooms at farmers markets all over the Twin Cities. You can find us in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and at several suburban markets. Follow our Facebook page to stay in the know about where we’ll be selling our mushrooms each week. 

If you can’t make it to a farmers market, you can also purchase our mushrooms at co-ops and Lunds & Byerlys throughout the metro. Here’s where to find us.

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