3 Spring Mushroom Recipes You'll Love!

There are delicious mushroom recipes perfect for every season, and spring is no exception. When we think of spring dishes, light foods with delicate flavors come to mind. Most of the produce in season during this time of year fits the bill: spinach and arugula, peas, crisp spring radishes, asparagus, and more. 

The great thing about mushrooms is how versatile they can be, which makes them easy to throw into your favorite dish or use as a meat substitute. Experimenting with cooking mushrooms can be tons of fun, but sometimes it helps to start with a base recipe and make tweaks that suit your taste buds. Here are three recipes we think are perfect for spring cooking!

A Versatile Mushroom Dish for Brunch or Dinner

When most people think of crepes, whipped cream and fresh fruit come to mind – not mushrooms. But savory crepes are the perfect vessel for enjoying gourmet oyster mushrooms.

The mushrooms are sautéed and combined with lightly dressed arugula, perfectly scrambled eggs, and creamy goat cheese, all wrapped up in a tender homemade crepe. The savory nature of the dish makes it versatile enough to serve at brunch or dinner. 

Oyster Mushroom Tacos

Many of us love the snappy spring radishes we start seeing in late March. This recipe for oyster mushroom tacos utilizes both fresh produce and pantry staples to create a quick vegan dinner. These tacos are a great option for Meatless Monday and Taco Tuesday. For an added punch of flavor, try quick pickling your radishes!

Mushroom-Packed Turkey Meatball Bowls

Most of us consider a huge spaghetti dinner our go-to meatball dish. While delicious, the heavy, cheesy Italian meatball is far from being your only option. For a lighter, “springier” version, try these five spice turkey meatballs. Bacon adds some much-needed fat to ground turkey, and our shiitake mushrooms replace some of the meat while keeping the meatballs moist. After a short time in the oven, toss these meatballs into some mixed greens and top with your favorite veggies, salsa, or pepper jam.  

Have you been inspired to cook more organic, gourmet mushrooms this spring? Check out more delicious and easy mushroom recipes on our website!

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