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How to Use Our New At-Home Mushroom Grow Kit

How to Use Our New At-Home Mushroom Grow Kit

We’re excited to offer DIY mushroom grow kits for anyone who wants to easily polish their green thumb and give homegrown mushrooms a try! Our kits are inexpensive to use and quickly grow a substantial yield of Blue Oyster, Pink Oyster, Golden OysterLion’s Mane, or Shiitake mushrooms. If you’re ready to create your own countertop mushroom farm, here are some tips for making the most of your mushroom grow kit

Preparing Your “Mushroom Farm” 

Place your mushroom kit in a well-ventilated area where the temperature is between 65 and 80 degrees. When you receive your kit, the mushroom growing area will be covered by a plastic film. Simply cut an X in the plastic at the top of the bag, exposing the mushroom spores to air, and watch tiny mushrooms begin to emerge within days. These mushroom pins will grow into full size mushrooms over the next couple weeks, but they don’t require any additional care as they grow besides a misting of fresh water 2-3 times each day. Growing these mushrooms is a pretty hands-off process!

How to Harvest Your Mushrooms

After two to three weeks your gourmet mushrooms will be ready to eat. Harvesting your bounty is super easy. Simply cut the mushrooms away from the kit at their base. By harvesting the entire cluster of mushrooms, you’ll leave space for more to grow. 

If you won’t be eating them right away, the mushrooms can go into your fridge in a paper bag or ventilated storage container. This will keep them fresh for longer. Remember to wash your mushrooms right before adding them to your dinner!

Don’t Stop After Your First Harvest

One common misconception about mushroom grow kits is that they’re ready for the compost bin after one harvest. These kits will actually grow several subsequent harvests before they’ve finally reached their maximum output. You should see new mushrooms growing shortly after harvesting your first batch, and they’ll be ready in two or three weeks. In total, you should be able to get three to four pounds of mushrooms per kit.

Which Mushroom Variety Will You Choose?

Our kits are available in five varieties, so you can try out a few to see which you prefer. If you’re not sure which kind of mushrooms to grow first, check out our Blue OysterPink OysterGolden OysterLion’s Mane, or Shiitake mushroom pages to learn more about each variety. 

You can purchase our mushroom grow kits at R&R Cultivation’s New Hope, MN farm or on our website.

Lion's Mane At-Home Mushroom Grow Kit


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