BIG NEWS: R&R Cultivation is Moving to New Hope, MN

We are thrilled to announce that R&R Cultivation is moving to a new urban farm facility in New Hope, MN! After spending 3 wonderful years at our Roseville location, we’re ready to start the next chapter of our story. Our farm in Roseville was exactly what we needed back in 2019, but we have quickly outgrown the space. Moving to New Hope means more space to inoculate, grow, harvest, and package our gourmet mushrooms. This new space will bring our weekly production of mushrooms from 1,000 lbs/week to over 5,500 lbs/week. Learn more about this exciting new move.

More than Doubling Our Urban Farm Space

For us, the move to New Hope was a no-brainer. We’re upgrading from a 10,000 sq ft facility with 4 grow rooms to a 25,000 sq ft facility with 20 grow rooms. This will allow us to increase our production x5 to meet the needs of our wholesale grocery customers while also staying true to our roots through farmers markets and our year-round mushroom CSA! Our core mission has always been increasing access to wholesome, fresh, nutritious mushrooms, and this new facility will help us do just that. We will be growing 8 different mushroom varieties right away with another 8 expected later this year.

Professional Sterile Lab for Spawn Production

Another huge benefit of this new location is that it has a state-of-the-art, sterile spawn lab. That means R&R Cultivation will be responsible for preparing “mother” cultures, sterilizing substrate, spawn inoculation, block incubation, growing, and harvesting. We will control every step of the mushroom’s development to ensure the highest-quality, organic, gourmet mushrooms. This new lab is seriously cool- it even has an air lock (and yes…we do feel like astronauts every time we enter the room).

Bulk Block Sterilization

Mushrooms grow in sterile “blocks” of substrate. This substrate is a combination of natural materials such as hard wood saw dust and soy husks. Before the mushroom blocks are inoculated with mushroom spawn, those blocks of substrate need to be sterilized. Our new urban mushroom farm has an incredible 35 ft autoclave for bulk sterilization. Think…35ft long tunnel that acts like a pressure cooker to sterilize the substrate. We are now able to cook (or sterilize) 900 blocks of substrate at once. This is an incredible upgrade from our current set-up.

R&R Cultivation's Owner, Nick Robinson, sitting inside the 35 ft sterilization autoclave. 

Ready for the Next Chapter

If you can’t tell, this is a huge move for us, and we are so very thankful for the support of our customers. We launched R&R Cultivation about a year and a half before the pandemic shook our world. That’s not ideal timing to launch a new business, but with your help, we made it through. What started as a small hobby project in Nick’s basement has transformed into Minnesota's #1 mushroom supplier. Thank you.

You can find R&R Cultivation at Lunds & Byerlys, Hy-Vee, co-ops, and most farmers markets in the Twin Cities. You can also order mushrooms for local delivery through our website all year long.      

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