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R&R Cultivation Will Continue Selling Organic Mushrooms

R&R Cultivation Will Continue Selling Organic Mushrooms

We wanted to reach out and thank you for your continued support during this uncertain and unnerving time. R&R Cultivation has been classified as an “Essential” business, so we look forward to continuing production of our gourmet, locally-grown mushrooms. We are now officially USDA Certified Organic, which is very exciting news! The next time you venture out for groceries, please support your local farmers! Our mushrooms are available at most local co-ops in the Twin Cities and several grocery stores (including a few Lunds & Byerlys). Wondering where to buy our mushrooms? We’ve got you covered.

Dedication to Sanitary Harvesting + Packaging

When you buy organic, gourmet mushrooms from R&R Cultivation, you can feel confident that you’re receiving safe, fresh products. Since opening our doors in 2018, we’ve followed a very strict sanitation and cleaning protocol (as required to become USDA certified). 

Harvesting Process

  1. Sanitize harvesting knife and cart with alcohol
  2. Clean bin is removed from storage, sprayed with alcohol, butcher paper placed inside
  3. Mushrooms are harvested with sterilized knife and placed in bin
  4. Mushrooms are placed in bin, which goes directly into cold storage
  5. This process is repeated until all harvesting is completed
  6. Once harvesting is completed for the day, the grow is rinsed with water

Packaging Process

  1. Employee adheres to “Employee Sanitization” process
  2. Workstation, scale, and packaged mushroom container are sterilized with alcohol
  3. Packaging is removed from storage
  4. Mushroom bin is brought in from cold storage
  5. Shelf number and harvest date are placed on package
  6. Mushrooms are weighed, packaged, and closed
  7. Mushrooms are placed in cold storage

Employee Sanitization

  1. Employees will arrive:
    1. Showered
    2. Wearing clean clothes
  2. Before entering the grow for any reason, employees will:
    1. Tie back hair (if needed)
    2. Cover facial hair with net (if needed)
    3. Fill foot bath with bleach solution
    4. Wash hands
    5. Put on gloves
    6. Put on filtration mask

Weekly Cleaning of Grow Rooms

  1. Done on days when bags are opened in grow rooms after harvesting
  2. Spent bags are removed from shelves and placed on cart for removal
  3. Shelves are sanitized using bleach solution, then rinsed
  4. Floors are sanitized with bleach solution, then rinsed

It has been so refreshing to see our community come together in the face of this global pandemic. Our dedication to providing fresh, organic, locally-grown mushrooms is here to stay. Shopping for locally sourced products is a great way to support your local businesses and economy. Please keep us and other local producers in mind the next time you make a grocery run!


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