Initiate Phase II: We have a Warehouse!

R&R Cultivation is excited to share that as of March 2019, we have officially moved out of Nick’s basement and into a warehouse! This move was motivated by two primary reasons: 1) we really wanted our laundry room/basement back, and 2) we needed to seriously scale up our production to meet the demand of our upcoming summer markets. Last year, we worked two different markets. This season, we’re already registered at 20 different farmers markets throughout the Twin Cities.

Our gourmet mushrooms are all harvested by hand the night before they’re sold at market. That means we need to time our grows just right to ensure our customers receive the most fresh, mature mushrooms around. 

Scaling with Care

The downfall of many new businesses is scaling up too quickly, which is why we started small. We wanted to prove that our concept was sound, our growing process was reliable, and our products were outstanding. For us, that meant investing in grow tents, shelving, humidification and temperature control systems, and countless hours of research and work. Our experience selling this past summer was absolutely phenomenal- we sold out at almost every market we attended. Customers were curious about our mushrooms and excited to try new varieties (like Lion’s Mane and Pink Oysters). By the end of the fall markets, we knew R&R had the potential to grow tremendously.

Nick and Jim

Our New Space: The MushROOM

Yes, that’s what we’re really calling it. Our new space is almost 8x larger than our initial grow space and will include two massive grow rooms with independent humidification and temperature controls. Since we’re only renting the warehouse space, our grow rooms need to be built within the space- a building within a building if you will. Luckily, we’ve had help from friends, family, and some friendly mushroom experts at Midwest Mushrooms. Our new facility will feature two 8’ x 24’ rooms, a walk-in refrigerator, and ample storage for our colonizing bags.

We’re Looking for Help

Since we’ll be at 20 farmers markets this upcoming season, we’re looking for help working our stalls. Specifically, we’re looking for responsible people with access to a vehicle to work several weekend shifts/month. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Nick at

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