3 Holiday Dishes That Feature R&R Mushrooms

Have you started planning your holiday menus yet? Whether you’re loyal to the traditional recipes or look forward to trying something new each year, there is always room for more gourmet mushrooms at your table! Here are a few recipes you can create this holiday season using R&R Cultivation’s organic, gourmet mushrooms.

Parmesan Pioppino Swirls

Parmesan Pioppino Swirls

These swirls make a great appetizer for the traditionalist who looks forward to a cheesy nosh before the big meal. The mushrooms are so filling, you could even make this a complete meal and serve it with a side salad! Use prepackaged pizza dough to make the swirls in a matter of minutes. You can quickly get back to prepping the main event: turkey, ham, prime rib, or whatever your family enjoys. As an added bonus, this app can easily be made plant-based with a few tweaks, which means your vegan cousin won’t be forced to stick to salads and veggie platters. Check out the recipe.

Mushroom Lasagna with Smoked Mozzarella Cream Sauce

Mushroom Lasagna

You need nourishment after a whirlwind day of Black Friday shopping, but you never want to see another slice of turkey as long as you live! This comforting, stick-to-your-bones lasagna is perfect for any meal during the holiday season: at a dinnertime you share with extended family, or as an easy weeknight meal in between the festivities. 

The classic dish features layers of rich and savory sauce, tender and toothsome pasta, creamy cheese, and a whole lot of mushrooms! The recipe calls for two pounds, which means you have plenty of opportunity to try out new varieties you’ve been eyeing. Give it a try and let us know what you think! 

Chocolate Chaga Banana Pancakes

Chocolate Chaga Banana Pancakes

If you have overnight guests during the holidays, you’re probably in charge of breakfast. It can be challenging finding meals that are easy to cook when feeding a small crowd, and sometimes guests don’t get their fill. We all know a hangry houseguest is never good, so what’s the solution to your breakfast woes? We think these chocolate banana pancakes made with chaga powder are your answer. 

These pancakes are so easy and fast to put together with only 8 ingredients. They’re also full of dried chaga mushrooms, so they may boost your immune system and relieve the stress of the holiday season. Most pancakes freeze beautifully, and ours are no exception. What could be better than having a ready-to-go meal amid the hustle and bustle of the holidays? Here are the details.

No matter which recipes you decide to try, don’t forget to pick up your R&R mushrooms while you’re doing your holiday grocery shopping. You can find us at Lunds and Byerlys and many local co-ops. For a fun outdoor shopping experience, also consider visiting us at a winter farmers market!
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