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Think You Hate Mushrooms? Try These Recipes.

Think You Hate Mushrooms? Try These Recipes! | R&R Cultivation

We’re not oblivious to the fact that many people claim to hate the taste, look, and feel of mushrooms – which makes sense, if their opinion is based on the mushrooms that have been on grocery store shelves for decades. They’re usually devoid of color, texture, and flavor, which leaves many shoppers wondering why they should even bother buying mushrooms

R&R Cultivation strives to change the mushroom game by offering unique, locally-grown, gourmet mushrooms that may turn you into a mushroom lover yet! Here are a few recipes we’d recommend to anyone who wants to give mushrooms another shot.

Add a New Twist to Your Favorite Dishes with Gourmet Mushrooms

We love using our mushrooms as an addition to an already-great recipe. You can almost always add a few cups of mushrooms to stir fries, pasta, risotto, or soup to increase the umami without overpowering the other flavors. For example, chicken wild rice soup is a Minnesota staple. In this recipe we take this classic soup and add gourmet mushrooms to punch up the flavor. We’re left with a well-balanced, texturally appealing dish that’s perfect for winter.

We also love to see our customers use familiar ingredients in a new way. Local blogger Stephanie's Dish had some butternut squash left after making another recipe, so she decided to combine it with goat cheese, puff pastry, and some of our shiitake mushrooms to create these fun mushroom, goat cheese, and butternut squash turnovers. How can you combine a few of your favorite foods with our gourmet mushrooms to create a dish you’ll love?

A Kid-Friendly Introduction to Mushrooms

If you’ve been trying to get your kids to love mushrooms, Tex-Mex may be the answer! Many parents swear by these oyster mushroom taquitos because they package the mushrooms up into familiar, delicious, finger food. Kids who are visual eaters often don’t find the look of mushrooms appealing, which means they aren’t even willing to give the flavors a try. These taquitos “hide” the mushrooms inside baked corn tortillas covered with a creamy sauce and flavorful salsa. The recipe is vegan, but feel free to use shredded cheese and sour cream if your kid is a fan! 

Embrace Familiarity

If you’ve tried to learn to love the texture and flavor of mushrooms to no avail, you can still enjoy their healthy properties! Try adding dried mushrooms to the foods you already love. Our chocolate chaga banana pancakes are the perfect example. Chaga is believed to have numerous benefits, including decreasing stress, boosting the immune system, and slowing the aging process. Eating familiar flavors while reaping the health benefits of gourmet mushrooms – what a way to start your morning! Our chaga and lion’s mane powders are a great supplement to add to your morning coffee or tea, baked goods, smoothies, and just about anything else you want to infuse with healthy mushroom goodness. 

With such a wide variety of gourmet, organic mushrooms available, we encourage every “mushroom hater” to give this versatile ingredient another try. You can learn about the different mushrooms we offer and their flavor profiles on our website. Our mushrooms can be found at Lunds and Byerly’s stores and co-ops throughout the metro, or you can order them online for delivery or pickup.

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