How R&R is Cultivating a Positive Workplace

Many people we speak with at farmer’s markets and during wholesale deliveries are curious about how we manage our grow rooms and operate an urban farm right here in New Hope, Minnesota. The truth is, it’s a team effort! There are many moving parts that take a mushroom from a tiny spore to fully grown to grocery store shelves.

Many of our company’s core principles pertain to how our employees are treated. We believe happy and motivated team members are integral to a company’s success, so we’ve taken measures to ensure our employees always feel appreciated at work.

It’s All in a Day’s Work

Maintaining mushroom-growing operations at our New Hope warehouse takes a lot of time and care, which means our team members are always on the move. Individuals in many different roles must work together to maintain an urban mushroom farm. Since we perform every step necessary to grow and prepare the mushrooms in-house, our employees have diverse job titles. We have some team members whose job it is to harvest the mushrooms, while others will package them in the wholesale room. Then there are our delivery drivers, who deliver wholesale orders, online orders, and mushroom CSA subscriptions. Our farmers market representatives focus on connecting directly with customers at several markets throughout the Twin Cities. Each individual role factors into the process in its own unique way, but when combined, they ensure we can continue offering unique gourmet mushrooms like lion’s mane and golden oyster.

Making Time for Hard Work and Happiness

At R&R Cultivation, our employees have room to work hard and be an essential member of the team while also having a good time! Work will always be work, and our team members understand that our shared expectations are necessary to keep things running smoothly. But we’re not interested in constantly micromanaging employees; we know everyone should be trusted to perform their role as expected. We don’t have to choose between working and rocking out to music or chatting with coworkers – there’s plenty of time for both when everyone is willing to work hard! We’re happy that this laid back attitude has caused some team members to stick around for years. 

We also believe in paying fair wages and want to appropriately compensate our team members for the hard work they put into making each day successful. For us, paying a livable wage means our starting pay rate is $15 per hour. We simply are not interested in making profit off of cheap labor. Instead, we want to cultivate an environment where employees are happy to come to work and are satisfied with the compensation they receive.

Would you like to work with R&R Cultivation to help us bring organic, gourmet mushrooms to customers throughout Minnesota? Check out our website to learn more about open positions. 

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