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Sourcing Local Mushrooms for Your MN Restaurant


Many restaurant chefs enjoy cooking with flavor-packed mushrooms like Maitake, Beech mushrooms, and Oysters of all shapes and colors. But not all of these mushroom varieties are found in Minnesota forests, and none can be foraged year-round. What’s a fungi-loving restaurateur to do?

Local Mushrooms for Local Restaurants

R&R Cultivation loves working with local restaurant owners and chefs to provide fresh, cost-effective, gourmet mushrooms. Our company produces organic mushrooms year-round in our indoor facility. Currently, we offer a whopping 16 varieties of mushrooms to our wholesale customers. While we love to grow harder-to-find varieties like Lion’s Mane and King Trumpet, we also produce high-quality customer favorites like Shiitakes and even White Button mushrooms. 

If you have your eye on a certain mushroom variety, we’re happy to get you set up for regular deliveries. If you would prefer to cook with a variety of mushrooms, we offer a convenient, delicious mushroom mix to simplify your ordering. Each of these deliveries consists of at least 3 different species of gourmet Minnesota mushrooms.

Why Choose a Local Supplier?

As many chefs and restaurant owners already know, local suppliers often offer the freshest, most affordable ingredients. Our mushroom deliveries consist of freshly-harvested mushrooms, not mushrooms that have been on refrigerated semi-trucks for days. Choosing foods that are in close proximity to your restaurant is also better for the environment, reducing carbon emissions associated with shipping food products across the country or even internationally. Better yet, you can save on delivery costs – we offer free delivery to restaurants in the Twin Cities metro area. 

Restaurant and gastropub patrons in the Twin Cities love supporting local companies. They are drawn to your locally-owned establishment for this very reason. When these customers hear that you are sourcing your ingredients locally, they’ll feel great about supporting your restaurant and our urban farm. 

Join the many Twin Cities area restaurants already serving R&R Cultivation’s mushrooms! Call (612) 295-1642 to request a sample kit, or learn more about our wholesale offerings.


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