Enjoy Your Mushroom CSA All Winter Long

R&R Cultivation offers a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly CSA for our customers who want to support local growers, try new mushroom varieties, and reduce their food waste this holiday season.

Easy Fall Breakfast Ideas Using Minnesota Mushrooms

Fall in Minnesota means cooler weather and the end of the summer harvest season. As a result, fall recipes are often warm, hearty, and earthy. Mushrooms fit nicely into these dishes and add delicious flavor to all kinds of stick-to-your-ribs breakfasts. Here are our top 5 breakfast ideas using locally grown, organic Minnesota mushrooms.

5 Myths About Minnesota Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a fascinating, yet often misunderstood food source. As a result, there are many myths about their safety, cultivation, and effects on the body. We know how delicious and healthy gourmet mushrooms can be, so we’ve done the research to disprove 5 common myths about Minnesota Mushrooms.

Mushrooms Can Boost Immune System Health

Many of us would prefer to avoid the “Is it Coronavirus?!?” panic when we wake up with a cough or the sniffles, so it’s important to have a strong immune system when those first winter germs hit. 

Mushrooms Are a Perfect Meat Replacement

While reducing the meat in your diet is an admirable goal, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start. It’s important to maintain proper nutrition, and you want to be sure your food still fills you up. Mushrooms are a great way to meet these needs without using meat.

FAQs About Gourmet Minnesota Mushrooms

Many Minnesotans are new to gourmet mushrooms. We’re used to choosing between the three varieties of mushroom you’ll find at the average grocery store without being able to choose the nuanced flavor profile and texture that best suits our needs. 

Mushroom Anatomy: Understanding Caps + Stems

We all love to eat gourmet mushrooms, but have you ever really stopped to think about what they are and how they’re grown? They’re not quite a plant, but not an animal either…so where do they fit in, and how do we cultivate them for our enjoyment?

Summer Farmers Markets Have Arrived!

We’re in the midst of prime farmers market season in the Twin Cities, which means tons of local fresh produce is right at our fingertips! There’s something special about spending a beautiful summer day strolling around a market and experiencing all the local vendors have to offer!

Organic Mushrooms are a Nutritional Powerhouse

Most of us love organic gourmet mushrooms because they’re delicious. We add them to our meals for flavor, substance, and visual appeal. But mushrooms aren’t just a great tasting addition to your omelets and pastas. They’re also a nutritional powerhouse. The vitamins and minerals found in organic mushrooms can help you keep you healthy and well.

Shopping Locally is More Important Than Ever

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to weigh heavily on our economy and healthcare system, many Americans have become concerned about whether their food and household supplies are sanitary when they arrive at the store. Experts don’t believe COVID-19 is easily spread through objects, but it does make you think a little harder about how and where you’re getting your weekly groceries.

R&R Cultivation Will Continue Selling Organic Mushrooms

R&R Cultivation has been classified as an “Essential” business, so we look forward to continuing production of our gourmet, locally-grown mushrooms. We are now officially USDA Certified Organic, which is very exciting! When you buy organic, gourmet mushrooms from R&R Cultivation, you can feel confident that you’re receiving safe, fresh products. 

Initiate Phase II: We have a Warehouse!

R&R Cultivation is excited to share that as of March 2019, we have officially moved out of Nick’s basement and into a warehouse! We needed to seriously scale up our production to meet the demand of our upcoming summer markets. This season, we’re already registered at 20 different Twin Cities farmers markets.

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