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Enjoy Your Mushroom CSA All Winter Long

Enjoy Your Mushroom CSA All Winter Long

Community supported agriculture has long been a tool used by local farmers to connect to their customers while receiving funding for supplies, seeds, upgrades to their farm, and more. In most cases, consumers pay for their produce before they receive it. This allows the farmer more flexibility when it comes to making financial decisions for his or her business.

Your purchase of a community supported agriculture (CSA) share of R&R Cultivation’s mushrooms allows us to maintain and expand our gourmet, organic mushroom grow room to offer new mushroom varieties. And that’s only one of the many benefits of this program! Here’s what you’ll enjoy when you subscribe to R&R Cultivation’s mushroom CSA this winter. 

Waste Less Food

With R&R Cultivation’s mushroom CSA, you’ll get just as many mushrooms as you can use each week. Mushrooms are best eaten fresh, unlike some vegetables that can be stored in your fridge for weeks on end (shout out to cabbage and carrots!). A CSA allows you to choose the perfect amount of mushrooms for your household. Your mushrooms will always be fresh and flavorful!

Try New Mushroom Varieties

We strive to provide a variety of fresh and delicious gourmet mushrooms through our CSA boxes. You’ll be able to try out new varieties of mushrooms, and you won’t get bored of eating the same varieties every week because the contents of your CSA will constantly be changing! You’re guaranteed three different varieties in every single delivery, and we’ll sometimes include as many as six different varieties based on what’s fresh and ready to eat. 

Cook Hearty Winter Recipes with CSA Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a great ingredient for winter because they go with many other savory seasonal ingredients. Mushrooms are a great addition to a creamy wild rice soup or a decadent and filling pasta. You’ll never run out of dishes to create with your CSA mushrooms. 

One of the great things about mushrooms is that you don’t even need to have an elaborate recipe in mind to enjoy them. In fact, you can add simply sautéed mushrooms to a steak dinner, a Sunday breakfast, or another staple meal to elevate the umami. 

Know Where Your Food Comes From

R&R Cultivation believes that wholesome, fresh, nutritious mushrooms should be accessible to everyone, and we’re prepared to lead the charge! We grow our mushrooms sustainably at our New Hope farm. Our mushrooms are 100% certified organic, which means they’re grown without harmful substances such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. 

Winter isn’t exactly known for being the best growing season, and much of the produce you find in grocery stores during these cold months has been shipped nationally or internationally to reach the shelf. In some cases this “fresh” food must be preserved because it takes so long to reach grocery stores. That’s not the case with R&R Cultivation’s mushrooms. Since we grow our mushrooms indoors, we’ve got quality products available locally year-round! When you order a winter mushroom CSA, you’ll be receiving fresh produce you can trust. 

Support Local Growers

Shopping locally is more important than ever as businesses do their best to maintain sales during the pandemic. If you’re shopping for holiday gifts and want to support local businesses, consider a CSA for the mushroom lover in your life.

As an urban grower, we’re well-positioned to offer our products to customers all over the Twin Cities metro area. Your CSA box will be delivered right to your door weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month – whichever you prefer. 

Sign up for R&R Cultivation’s fresh, organic mushroom CSA and receive gourmet mushrooms all winter long!


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